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The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

They don't tell you what to say when your whole life has gone to Hell

15 August
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33 west, a static lullaby, aaron piersol, acedia, adelphi, alexisonfire, alternate ending, army of freshmen, army of me, at midnight, at the drive in, atreyu, being an overworked journalist, big meanie, billy talent, bleed the dream, bleeding through words, boy sets fire, brand new, bright eyes, buying lots of hoodies, causeway to barrier, cave in, coheed and cambria, collecting sharpies, common effect, corporate shafting, days to remember, dear advokate, deficit, deftones, denying myself, dillinger escape plan, driving east, fairweather, far less, finch, foo fighters, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, getting rides from colleen, ghost in the gears, glassjaw, goldfinger, good charlotte, hardcore australian bands, held accountable, homegrown, hoodwink (rip), i voted 4 kodos, i voted for kodos, i'd rather die, ignite the sky, ikilledthepromqueen, incubus, joe strummer, juliana theory, justin long, laughing a lot, lawnchair records, level 27, local music, made, madison apart, miyagi, mod flanders conspiracy, mxpx, my big ass, new found glory, newport beach, no talent show, not eating animals, nova local music, our lady peace, over it, paulson, phantom planet, planes mistaken for stars, point hollow, rancid, red pill down, rev 9, rocking that bass, rude buddah, rude buddha, run six blank, runsixblank, rx bandits, s.t.u.n., sake, screaming at random kids, screaming like claudio, short bus boys, silverchair, singing like no other, ska face, socratic, something corporate, sound riot, sparta, stars, stars hide fire, stars turn cold, straight edge, strawman, stuck in kaos, sugarcult, suicide machines, sxe, taking bad pix, taking pix for sake, taking your ice cream, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the casualties, the clash, the courage badge (rip), the depotts, the heartichokes, the hourglass demo, the last word, the mars volta, the misadventures, the ramones, the slackers, the used, thrice, throne, thursday, trying to be different, underscore, urban style, waiting for tomorrow, we say goodbye, writing songs suckily, yearbook, yellowcard, your maja!. the olympics